Winzlings Shrinking Clips - Runa shrinks you down 6K VR360

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Cover 2 Winzlings Shrinking Clips - Runa shrinks you down 6K VR360 - MP4
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    Second clip with supercute young Ukranian/Eskimo model Runa
    Runa found out that you cheated on her. When you come into her hotel room, she is completely nude, promising some quality time with her .... But wrong! She pulls out a device and gradually shrinks you smaller and smaller until you are the size of a bug; her beautiful naked body, specifically her feet, towering over you!
    After teasing to crush you or eat you for some time, she remembers that she has to leave soon and thinks of a kinky way to take you with her. She puts on her stockings, and puts you right into them, with her pussy looming right over you. After doing some morning routines, she puts on her dress and it becomes dark and sticky around you .....
    Runa is not the greatest actress, but her somewhat weird way of playing is somehow very attractive to me :) and her body is just gorgeous :)
    Language: English (moderate), Camera: Insta onex2 and Insta onex