Winzlings Shrinking Clips - Michelle's little Stress Relief Box 6 K VR360

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Cover 2 Winzlings Shrinking Clips - Michelle's little Stress Relief Box 6 K VR360 - MP4
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    Enjoy Michelle in her sexy Latex outfit playing a cruel Giantess! :) The clip has some sound issues in the final three minutes, that I could not quite heal, so I sell it a but cheaper than usual. It is still great, though!
    It's dark, the tapping of high heels echos outside of your cage/dollhouse while the gigantic woman outside mutters in German (only for this moment, the rest is in English).
    “Stress relief box,” you make out from the voice – shortly after the blue wooden wall of your house rips to the side, revealing the enormous black, strappy, and chained high heeled shoes on Michelle's glorious feet. She paces the room, wearing dominating skin tight latex – pausing to step on the wall she tore from your house over and over.
    There are 6 of you in the box – and she makes it no secret that none of you will survive the day. You only exist for one reason – to relieve Michelle's stress. One by one she grabs people (represented by plastic figures, but also you – in POV), deciding who will be the first to go.
    Experience the ends of all 6 tinies in Michelle's Little Box of Stress Relievers in exciting POV. Buy it now, or read on for spoilers:
    1. “Maybe I will crush you in my fist.” She squeezes, enjoying the sound of your breaking bones. You writhe in agony while she tells you not to be afraid. She places you in her house plant – where you can be fertilizer – and crushes you beneath her pinky.
    2. “Now it's your turn... so... Do you like my heels?” Michelle leans down to show you them before dropping you a “short” distance onto the carpet. You look up in terror while she hovers the sharp point of her heel above you, before switching to torment you with the toe of her shoe. She teases your inevitable destruction before squashing you like an insect.
    3. “... Take off your clothes.” She demands, enjoying watching your insignificant form undress. You feel somewhat reassured, until she reveals her plan – Now that you're naked, she'll crush you under her bare foot. She wants to feel you beneath her! She takes you to the hardwood floor, hovering her black pedicured bare foot above your naked body. You look up from between her toes while she enjoys toying with your very existence – it turns her on, she tells you. Your fate ends beneath the foot of a blonde goddess. “Oh, I feel better now... but I think it's still not enough.” She says, hungering for even more destruction. More power.
    4. “Oh my god... you're so ugly...” She tells you. You look like a bug – and she'll finish you like one. She sets you on top of the table, returning with her flyswatter. “Look what I have. It's for bugs, like you.” She slaps it beside you over and over – tapping it on you gently enough to survive – to feed your pain. She slaps you beneath it like a worthless fly – an excited smile displayed on her face as she does it. Your lifeless body is discarded in the trash.
    5. “You look good.” She says. “I will (end) you with my nice butt.” She hovers her shiny latex-covered ass above you before tactfully sitting – with you between her thighs. “Ohhh.. don't be afraid. You make so much fun for me!” She gets up, threateningly lifting and dropping her butt above you before dropping again with you between her thighs. She squeezes her legs together before getting up and giving you one final look. Your bones crack and snap beneath her as she sits.
    6. She sees that you're already naked, and she's impressed. She sets you, gently, between her cleavage and squeezes her boobs around you over and over. It's your turn, now. “One, two, and three” She presses her boobs together around you. You struggle and squirm, to no avail - she smothers you until the world fades away.
    Themes: Giantess, VR, VR 360, POV, latex, heels, handheld, pinky crush, hand crush, heel crush, evil giantess, ass crush, breast crush, boob crush, cleavage crush, blonde, fly swatter, feet, barefoot crush
    Language: English (fine) Camera: Insta onex