Winzlings Shrinking Clips - Veronica's useless husband 6K VR360

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    You're Veronika's slob of a husband – and you've left the apartment a mess. The bed isn't made, there are clothes and garbage all across the floor. She works all day just to come home to this? Your excuse of “but we're literally just organizing the blankets to disorganize them again.” just isn't cutting it this time. She pulls out a magic wand, it's tip glows blue and you're surrounded by a strange noise. You're alarmed to discover you've shrunken – now you only stand about as tall as her belly button.
    She tells you to clean up or you'll regret what she does when she comes back. “You know... some of this is her mess, too...” You reason to yourself. Her high heels are laying on the ground all lopsided. Stubbornly, you decide to do nothing.
    When she returns, you are only as tall as her butt – she grew while she was gone. The thought crosses your mind that she may have stolen your height, but you're no expert in the dark arts or whatever this strange voodoo is that's afflicting you.
    She shrinks you again – now you're the size of an insect, and her voice echoes and booms above you. It both feels and sounds deeper and more powerful. She still expects you to clean up the mess while she goes out with her friends.
    It's hopeless. You couldn't clean this apartment anymore than you could move a building. All your might probably couldn't even tilt her shoes upright. You lay down and wait for her to return – she'll turn you back to normal. She loves you, right?
    Veronika returns from her night out. She's wearing a latex skirt and a white top – they're torn... Did she grow again? She kicks the outfits and other things on the floor – angry that you haven't completed your impossible task. There are other tiny people scattered across the floor now (represented by tiny figures) – she thinks they're disgusting bugs, and crushes them one by one beneath her bare feet.
    You're lucky enough to avoid the fate of the other tiny people – she recognizes you. She picks you off the floor and holds you to her lips. “You are nothing for me anymore” She opens her mouth and teases the idea of eating you, before returning you to the floor.
    “Let me step on you like I did these little bugs.” She hovers the heel of her barefoot over you – stomping just above your head. “Are you scared you little bug? This is what happens when you don't listen to your wife.”
    Stepping on you would be too easy – she wants to give you a more special way to go. She sets you on her chair and sits on you, squirming back and forth. Just when you think it's over, you feel the pressure start to lift. She stands up, turning around to look at you “for the last time.” She sits again, and you feel yourself drifting away – hearing the booming laughter of your wife.
    Themes: Giantess, Veronika, Witch, Tiny people, crush, barefoot, barefoot crush, VR VR 360, Growth, stolen height, torn clothes, shrunken man, Altered giant voice effect, shrinking in stages
    Language: English (good!) Camera: Insta onex2