Syra Wolf - VR360 Out Of My Way

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    *This is a VR360 Video*
    *This was a custom video. If you would like a custom video of your own please email me :)*
    You know the rules. I am used to tiny people being inside my home, all I ask is that you stay out of my sight and out of my way, for your own good. I'm not a bad person, okay?
    This clip begins with you somehow surviving being stepped on. However, you're in pretty bad shape. I feel bad for you and put you out of your misery.
    Shortly after, I discover more of you on my floor (implied, not figurines) and grow annoyed. I punish you for breaking my one and only rule.
    Pretty soon everyone is running and acting like I'm some kind of bad guy? Meanwhile I haven't done anything wrong. All I'm doing is cleaning up my floor.
    Eventually I get ready to leave my room, not before discovering a tiny person so close to my door. I do my best to comfort you before bringing my foot down on top of you.
    I priced this one a little lower because I tried a visual trick (per custom request) that didn't quite work out the way we imagined*