Winzlings Shrinking Clips - Jadis and her shrunken boyfriend 4K VR360

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Cover 2 Winzlings Shrinking Clips - Jadis and her shrunken boyfriend 4K VR360 - 4K Ultra HD/MP4
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    For a change, Jadis is playing a gentle giantess here, and she acted surprisingly well on this, too :-)
    You find yourself shrunken down tiny on your girlfriend's (Jadis) floor. She enters her apartment with her massive platform boots and walks over just in front of you, nearly squishing you. She's a bit concerned that you're nowhere to be found as you guys have someplace to be very soon!
    She calls your phone but there's no answer. Figuring she may as well not waste the time she decides to get ready to leave for when you return. After removing her boots she changes her clothes whilst towering over you. She tries on a couple of different pairs of shoes and accidentally steps on your for just a moment; she then decides to try and call you again.
    She gives you a ring and this time you answer and explain to her that you're tiny and at her feet! She takes a bit of convincing but she finally decides to check and sees that you are indeed telling the truth. She apologizes for stepping on you and wonders what the best course of action is. It's too late to take you to a doctor and she sees that you're also quite hungry [a lot of carrying you around here]. She figures she can take you along to the party and she'll pick up some food for you in the train station. Creating a nice little bed in her purse Jadis places you inside and goes on her way with you.
    Language: English (Very Good!) Camera: Insta one x2