Tinyguycustoms - Zaurus Shrunken Stepdad - VR360

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    You're shrunk in your own living room and you have no idea what you are going to do! Your wife is out for the weekend so you'll be getting no help from her. As you are trying to decide just what you are going to do next you hear the door open! In walks your step-daughter Zaurus. Probably home from the mall or something. She's such a brat you think but she's your only hope so you try desperately to get her attention. She lazily strolls into the living room distracted on her phone. She almost steps on you and you realize just how much danger you really are in at this size.
    Finally she notices you on the floor and at first she wonders if you are a bug! You probably look like one at your size but thankfully she takes a closer look and can't believe that her stepdad is this tiny on the floor in front of her. She crouches down wondering how this could have happened. You try to tell her that you need her to get help but you're so tiny your little voice only sounds like the squeaks of a mouse to her. She casually picks you up in her now massive hand and brings you way up to her face.
    At first she seemed concerned about your tiny problem but now you don't like the way she is looking at you. "You know you always were a jerk to me." she says, holding you high above her head. "Now that you're like this I can do whatever I want this weekend." She grins at you and begins to tease you. "I could even make you a little snack!" She dangles you over her mouth and laughs!
    Then she puts you back on the floor. "Ooo I have so many friends to call! We can have a house party!" One thing becomes very clear to you as she kicks off her flip flops and smiles down at you. You won't be getting help any time soon..
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