Winzlings Shrinking Clips - Marie and her little boyfriend 6K VR360

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Cover 2 Winzlings Shrinking Clips - Marie and her little boyfriend 6K VR360 - MP4
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    Second clip with supercute Ukranian model Marie
    Please note that all dialogue in this video is in Ukrainian.
    Marie, your girlfriend, towers above you. You're not sure how – but you've shrunk in her apartment... You look at her, helplessly. She's trying to call someone – a look of frustration is obvious on her face. She has no idea you're down here - she's trying to call you, but your phone doesn't ring... it doesn't work at this size – useless technology.
    She struts her long glittery nails, each now larger than you, on the top of her black tights. Marie calls again, this time leaving a message... God, you just wish you could just call her. Or shout loud enough to reach her ears. Tell her you're down here, she'll find you and everything will be alright – but it's hopeless at this scale.
    Marie looks at you – you swear she saw you. Looked directly in your eye! Instead of your salvation, she just plays with the tiny thing at her feet, before forgetting it even exists. She's wearing her black dress and tights. Every now and then you catch a glimpse of her bright yellow panties.
    She removes her tights, unknowingly sticking her toes directly in front of you. Every detail is so massive. Every little wrinkle – every little hair that would normally go unnoticed is so massive, now.
    Marie calls one of your friends to ask if he knows where you are - she's laughing. She rubs her toes while her hair dangles high in the sky above you. It's longer than any rope you've ever imagined being able to climb.
    She puts her black small platform patent heels back on, occasionally rocking them back and forth on the carpet in front of you. One unknowing mistake, and you'd just be a tiny red smear in the fibers of her carpet. If she ever even noticed it, it wouldn't merit more than a few spritz of cleaning spray and a paper towel.
    She leans down to collect her tights, and? Yes! She's noticed!!!
    Marie holds you in her hand, contemplating what to do with you. After a brief moment of consideration – she decides to stick you inside her boot while she leaves the house. White knee-high boots – she always loved wearing them out with you. Her smell radiates your environment, and you can't help but worry she might forget and put them on. (A black screen transitions to outside the boot) Naturally, you decide it would be better to wait beside the boot for her to return.
    Marie looks for you inside her boot – a sense of panic on her face. She paces across the room, but it doesn't take long for her to find you. She's so impossibly sweet – even when she towers in the sky above you. She opens her phone and plays some music. Dancing above you, removing her black dress and yellow panties before dressing in her translucent pajamas. She picks you off of the floor and pulls you under her pajamas, just below her breasts – you can't help but imagine scaling them like mountains. She pulls you out with a shy and naughty smile.
    She takes you into bed with her – you lay in the palm of her hand, the surrounding warmth comforts you. You don't know how you got this way... or if things will ever be normal again – but the world would be so much worse if you didn't have Sweet Marie.
    Language: Ukrainian Camera: Insta onex2