Winzlings Shrinking Clips - Eva's Livestream 6K VR360

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    ... Are you sure you want to do this?” Eva asks – the shrinking technology works... probably... it's just never been done on a human before. Eva's lacey black lingerie and bubbly personality gets the better of you, you tell yourself... truthfully, you've fantasized about being shrunken by such a beautiful woman since you first saw the technology work – nothing could be more exciting to you, but you clutch onto this secret like a flashlight on a moonless night.
    You tell her you're sure, giving an overconfident wink to the cellphone camera she's perched atop a tripod on her coffee table – she's streaming the event to impress her social media followers. Shrinking the first human, talk about bragging rights! She points the device at you – you hold your breath, anticipating some terrible unforeseen fate that often happens to 'firsts.' You breathe a sign of relief. It worked – really worked! You've lost a couple feet in nearly an instant. Eva stands on her knees – her face now level with your new height.
    Are you ready to go again? Of course you are! With another press, you suddenly stand just above her knees. “Oh my god, you're so cute right now!”
    One more – if you're getting shrunk, why not take it to an extreme? This time, she promises to shrink you to the size of a Barbie... “Sorry, a Ken doll.” Your fear of the event has subsided, and you smile as you watch the world around you grow larger and larger... and then... maybe too large? Eva doesn't even see you – you've shrunk to the size of an ant!
    The towering goddess walks back and forth over the spot she last saw you standing. Narrowly, you avoid being crushed into an unseen smear beneath the goddess' bare soles, thudding on the floor on either side of you, by pure luck alone. She checks her phone – maybe her viewers saw what happened: They insist that you just shrunk much smaller than she was expecting. Eva doesn't believe this could happen, but she looks closely at the floor where you were - finally finding you.
    “Are you really okay? You're really tiny... just give me some kind of sign that you're really okay.” Eva says, while you wave your arms in the air. She points her finger at you, and you can't help but feel like ant about to be smushed out of existence – of course she would never do this.
    Eva was really looking forward to playing with you like a doll for her show, but that plan hasn't really panned out. She decides to ask her viewers what she should do with you. What would be entertaining to watch her do to such a tiny man?
    “Hmm, no... not that.” … “That's funny, but I'm not going to do that.” She says a number of things – considering everything her viewers would like to see done with you. Eva settles on having you clean her feet.
    She stands above you, “Are you sure that you wanted to do this?” Of course you are. Eva prods her feet up and down beside you – expecting you to clean as hard as you can, but all your efforts barely even result with her feeling your touch against her skin.
    Hmmm... cleaning her feet isn't really working – she turns to her viewers for more suggestions.
    “No, we can't do this... no, no, no.” You wonder what they're saying... “We can't punish him like this...”
    She settles on one idea. “Can you climb... here?” She points to her finger – but you're too small to even climb it by yourself.
    They asked her to crush you for doing a bad job – but she can't do this... She will just step on you a little, gently... and hopefully that will satisfy their desire.
    “I'm not going to (crush) you, I'm just going to tap a little bit.” Her words offer little reassurance - her big toe dwarfs your new size, and presses you into the carpet with a weight no man could ever hope to lift. She continues entertaining her fans – pressing you under her bare heel and other toes.
    Eva checks chat for more ideas – but they still insist on crushing you. She finally decides to cave on the pressure - lifting her foot into the air and quickly dropping it inches from crushing you. “Oh no... I don't want to get my carpet dirty.”
    She lifts you from the carpet and places you on a paper towel – she doesn't want to get her floor dirty either. She gets dressed to go, putting on black pants and a shirt – affording you a few final moments.
    She forgoes socks, and slips her feet into her dirty and well worn Sketchers, apologizing before she crushes you – you know how much she loves her viewers. “Okay, let's do this...”
    The patchwork rubber grid of her sneaker consumes your sky, slowly decending until you're crushed into the paper towel. It's her most successful livestream, yet!
    Themes: Giantess, GTS, POV, VR, VR 360, VR POV, Shrunken POV, micro pov, barefoot, sneakers, sketchers, sneaker crush
    Language: English (good), Camera: Insta onex2