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    Will this nightmare never end!? You signed up for a shrink session with a giantess weeks ago and it was only supposed to last for the day. But giantess Harleen had other plans. She kept you as her little prisoner instead and now, she's passed you along to her friend Zaurus.
    This clip begins in Zaurus' dark, damp gym bag. You are jostled back and forth as she bounces the bag walking back to her place. You have no idea what will be store for you when you arrive at her home. Finally, the movement stops after what seems an eternity and the bag opens above you. Light pours in blinding you momentarily and as your eyes adjust you see her grinning down at you.
    Zaurus is admiring your tiny frame. "I can't believe Harleen let me borrow you. Why would someone volunteer for this?" she asks herself more she asks you. She doesn't seem to even regard you as a person! Her giantess hand reaches in and snatches you up. She places you on the coffee table and sticks one of her sneakers in your face. "I want you to get a better view of where your new home is" she says with a smile. You had hoped that maybe she was going to be nicer than Harleen, but it doesn't look like it...
    After showing you the shoe, she tells you she's going to make it worse for you and takes her socks off. She picks you up again and puts you inside her shoe "It's time to go for a run" she says smiling some more. You watch in complete helplessness as she waves a bare foot above you and slowly brings it down inside of the shoe with you. You hurry towards the toes area to avoid being smashed to a pulp...
    What else does Zaurus have in store for this unfortunate tiny?
    This VR360 video has ominous music and some sound effects. There is one short section towards the end of this video where the microphone was accidentally covered. That audio was removed due to feedback.
    This was a custom video