Tinyguycustoms - Zaurus Stepsister Finds You Shrunk - VR360

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    You've had a thing for your Stepsister's friend forever and you finally found a way to profess your love to her! You decided to shrink yourself down and gift yourself to her to be her loyal pet. You've been preparing for this for quite a while and now everything is prepared. You've shrunken yourself down and placed yourself in a gift box in her bag and are now waiting for her to open it up. You've been sitting in the dark box for what seems like an eternity until you finally hear movement outside.
    You are so excited you cannot contain yourself. You can't wait to see the look on her face when she opens her gift with tiny little you inside. You can't wait to be hers forever! "What the hell is this?" You hear a voice ask from outside your little container. But it doesn't sound like your Stepsister's friend... You feel yourself being hoisted up quickly and you lose your balance falling over inside. Harsh noises are heard above you as giant hands tear at the opening of the box. The light spills in blinding you temporarily and as your eyes begin to adjust you look up in astonishment when you see not your Stepsister's friend but your Stepsister herself..
    She scoffs at you and pulls the tiny note out of the box next to you. You had written it in case her friend couldn't hear you at your tiny size. Your Stepsister scoffs again as she reads and grins at you in disbelief "You shrunk yourself...? That is so pathetic.."
    She then tells you that she'll let you live out your little fantasy. Only it's going to be with her.. She takes you out of the box and starts thinking up ideas. Hmm what can I do with you?? I know! She sets you on the bed and sticks one of her stinky socks in your face and laughs. She brings you out to the living room and places you on the couch. "I think I'll make you rub my smelly feet. I've been out all day and at the gym."
    As she is making you smell her armpits you can't help but think how terrible this is. The fantasy you had hoped to have with her friend has turned out to be your worst nightmare with no end in sight! She then brings you over to the sink and says she's going to give you a little shower! You thought maybe she was going to spray you with water but then she spits right in your face! Will you ever be normal sized again...?
    This VR360 video has ominous music and giantess voice delay/deepening.
    This was a custom video