Tinyguycustoms - Zaurus Tired Feet Eaten Alive

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    You wake up and realize quickly that something is out of place. The last thing you remember is going to bed with your girlfriend Zaurus. But as you open your eyes something is clearly wrong. You seem to be laying on some massive cushioned surface and the room you are in is enormous! The distant landscape seems strange and artificial. You try rubbing the rest out of your eyes and it suddenly dawns on you that the huge sheet of fibers in front of you is your own bedspread. This is your own bed!
    Just as you begin to take in the rest of your surroundings something moves in front of you. The blanket shifts and the ground shakes underneath you. Before you can gather yourself to run a gigantic bare foot appears before you from underneath the covers! You can't believe just how large it really is and after staring at it for a moment you look down at yourself and realize that you have somehow shrunken down to barely and inch tall!
    The mega foot before you scrunches up its toes. After a few more seconds you recognize it must belong to what is now your giantess girlfriend Zaurus. You peek around the covers to see her cooing softly up near the pillows. How will you ever wake her? You first try to poke at her feet but she only rubs at you with the other foot and kicks you away. Hmmm I guess you'll need to explore further. You make your way up onto her leg, past her belly button before she swipes at you and knocks you off. You finally decide to stand near her phone on the bed. She is sure to see you once she wakes up.
    When she finally does she is so groggy that she misses you and picks you up with her phone and puts you in her pocket and moves to the kitchen for some breakfast. Once there she retrieves her phone and you with it but doesn't realize you're even there! You try to be careful but accidentally slip and fall right into her cereal! You better swim quick. Zaurus seems a little distracted by her phone and she is hungry...
    This video features music, sound effects, POV views, and 3rd person views using a figurine.
    This was a custom video