The Queendom - VR360 You'reJust Gonna be Mush

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    Life as a tiny in Goddess Holly's home is dangerous, but exciting. Hunting and catching the many tiny slaves that she sets loose in her home is Holly's favorite game! Every day you see at least one of your fellow tinies eaten alive or crushed by this beautiful, sadistic giantess. You know the risks, but as a shrunken man with a foot fetish you can't resist the many opportunities you have to crawl inside of Holly's shoes and socks that she leaves around her home. You've never been caught before, but today your luck is going to run out. Holly is on her way to a brutal trample session and she's looking for her favorite heels, which you happen to be hiding inside of! "Do you like feet and toes?" Holly asks as she looks down at you. "You know when I'm in this kind of mood and you're in there, I'm going to just crush you!" she says, blocking your only way out of her shoe with her giant foot. Since you seem to be so interested in her feet Holly decides to take you along to her trample session! She's going to slip you inside of her fishnets, all the way down to her toes where she plans to leave you all night. You'll be completely trapped beneath the ball of her foot as she slips her heels back on. You won't be crushed right away, being shrunk has a way of making people more durable than they look, but by the end of the night you'll be nothing but mush. You'll feel her weight crushing you over and over with each step, stomp, and jump during the session. "Lucky little bug," Holly says with a laugh as she pushes your down her fishnets until you reach her toes. You hear her saying goodbye to you as she slips her foot inside her shoe, sealing you inside with no chance of escape...
    Goddess Holly, Giantess, VR 360, Foot Crush, In Shoe POV