Media Impact Customs - Dee Owns Her Tiny StepSister

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    This clip would take place in an overpopulated world. As a measure government implemented the so-called shrinking program. Now every person who reaches adulthood has to pass an exam. If you pass it you're free and can live a normal life, but if you don't pass it, you will be shrunk and destined to live as a tiny slave. On the one hand, the government wants to counteract overpopulation and separate the wheat from the chaff. On the other hand, they want to reward the "good" citizens who have not failed the test by giving them a tiny slave to make their lives easier. Yet it is very rare that anyone is lucky enough to get their hands on a tiny slave. Dee was all the more surprised when she received that unexpected package. But the true implications of it all only opened up when she saw WHO will be her slave. The clip starts with Dee entering the room completely exhausted. She had a damn long day and is just back from a hard workout at the gym. (I would love if she would wear some gym clothes, like leggings, a top and socks, and sneakers) She has a package in her hands and is quite confused because she didn't order anything. She let herself fall on the sofa with a relaxing moan "Finally at home" After a few stretches she wonders what's in the package and opens it eagerly. The camera would switch to POV, to the inside of the box. Complete darkness. Then you would see the lid open and Dee's giant face appears. Dee doesn't see the shrunken person at first and grabs the letter that's in the package. She reads it out loud. It would be cool if you could write a little letter from the shrinking department. It doesn't have to be anything big. In just a few sentences Dee was chosen to receive a tiny slave, who didn't pass the exam and is now the legal owner of the tiny person she finds in the package. Dee is confused. She's happy of course because everyone wants a shrunken slave, but why was she chosen? She takes the tiny person out of the box now and inspects her. It takes a moment until the bomb bursts. "StepSister?! IS THAT YOU?!" she is shocked, but it don't take long until her shocked face turns into an evil grin. Dee's younger StepSister surpassed Dee in every way possible. She was always the favorite and was better than Dee in anything you can think of. And not only that - She loved nothing more than to make fun of Dee because of that. She was an evil bitch and missed no chance to disgrace her "older loser Stepsister" in front of their family. While she made a great college degree and always spoke about traveling the world, Dee still lived in their hometown, working as a bartender and living in a small apartment. Dee can't believe her eyes. Her perfect little stepsister failed her exam. That exam even Dee did not fail years ago. And not only that - She is even made to live the rest of her life as a tiny slave. As Dee's tiny slave! That's the best day ever!! This whole situation about the exam, the shrunken slave thing, and the relationship between Dee and her Stepsister could get explained in a handheld tease. Dee is constantly making fun of her, remembering her on things she said in past, like that she's something better and will do all these great things, while Dee is rotting in their hometown. After a while Dee decides, that it's time for her slave's first task. She tells her that she had a long day and that she definitely needs a foot massage. She places her tiny stepsister on the living room table in front of her and takes off her sneakers. She could have the tiny woman sniff her shoes and socked her feet first, to get familiar with the scent. After the foot sniffing, she would free her sore soles from her sweat-soaked socks and would order her tiny slave to massage her feet. While she is working on her older stepsister's soles, the giantess is constantly teasing her based on the given scenario. She could also give her commands like "up", "down" or "rub harder" and could say things like "oh yeah, that's the spot" After a while Dee tells her step-sister to stop. She is disappointed. Not only that she barely feels anything, because her step-sister is fucking small and doesn't seem to make an effort, but Dee also doesn't like her behavior. The tiny makes a disgusted face all the time and Dee doesn't like that fact. She would tell her that she won't accept a disobedient slave and that she should get rid of this rebellious behavior as soon as possible. She could also lay down a few ground rules here, such as only being allowed to address her big stepsister as "Goddess" from now on and that Dee will only call her "slave". It would be hot if she would really only refer to her as "slave" from that point of the clip. You are welcome to come up with your own ideas of more ground rules :) Of course, besides all the seriousness, Dee has to laugh all the time and teases her stepsister. She still can't believe this is all really happening. It's a Dream. To solidify the ground rules and close the pact, Dee orders her slave to kiss her foot and stretch out her stinky sole. She bursts out laughing when she suddenly actually feels her oh-so-perfect stepsister's lips on the balls of her stinky foot. Sure she told her to, but she didn't expect the once proud bitch was actually doing it. That's when Dee realizes the real power she really has over her stepsister now. She decides to test her stepsister's limits and now orders her to lick her sweaty soles clean. At first, she refuses, but Dee's threats are very "motivating" so the tiny slave sticks out her tongue and starts licking. That's too much. Dee gets a laughing attack. But then she notices how good her slave's tongue feels under her sore soles and enjoys the pampering to the fullest. She tells her that from now on she will do this every day when Dee comes home after a long day. After the foot-licking scene, which is of course filled with many teases, Dee decides to go shopping. She wants to run some errands like a hamster cage for her.
    Since she was so defiant and constantly grimaced during the foot licking, Dee decides to teach her a lesson. She tells her that she will go shopping with her. As her living insole. Tiny slaves are very resilient, so of course she won't get hurt. But it will definitely be painful. And disgusting. And so Dee tapes her oh-so-perfect stepsister face first to the sole of her foot, and puts her sweaty socks and sneakers back on. After a few final teases, the clip ends with Dee leaving the room with a triumphant smile. Of course, she skips the shower and just goes as she is, sweaty and still with sports clothes on. She should at least get used to the scent.