Media Impact Customs - The Genie Trap

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    Start the scene off with the genie popping out of the lamp, thanking the holder sarcastically. "Just make your 3 wishes and be done with it already--" She says. You are so taken back by her beauty you wish she could be free, but she shakes her head, "You wish for me to be free? Sorry to say but that's not how it works--" rolling her eyes, "I appreciate the thought, though..." You sigh before wishing to just experience some fantasies you've had. She nods before touching your head to read your mind, "Let's see..." She reacts in multiple ways, some pleasant, intrigued, others hot, and one look of disgust, "Can't believe you're into THAT!" She giggles, at you while you look down in embarrassment. She starts off with your shrinking fetish and shrinks you down starting at her top as she plays with you with her tits. Asking you to suck on them. Then she shrinks you down to her butt and puts you between her cheeks. Finally, you're down to her feet and she allows you to worship them and also gives you a footjob, she rolls your cock in between her toes (Use the doll here) after counting down from 10 after she's done she'll say "Good job, Todd. You must have been storing that up for me, mmh~?" Afterward, she'll pick you up and hold you in front of her face, swirling her finger right beneath the camera, "And just like that you're ready for more!" She giggles, pushing her lips down there in an implied blowjob. She keeps going for a bit before stopping, "Did I just hear that correctly?" She smiles, "You wished to be living like this forever~?" She laughs, "I've dealt with some idiots but YOU take the cake, Todd!" She gives you a kiss and laughs, "Your 'wish' is granted LOSER~" She puts you down and it looks like you're about to unwish everything and she points down at you, "Zip it!" She says firmly and you're unable to talk! She leans back and kicks her feet up, "Ohhhh, this is grand. Now because you haven't even used all your wishes I get to stay here and live it up!" She looks down at you, "Get to worK!" As you scramble to rub her feet. After a bit she picks you up, putting you between her legs, "Let's go, get to work there!" You pleasure her crotch She cums and picks you up, putting you by her face, "Ohhhhh, that was great..." She laughs, "You're such a good dolly. The sad part is we still have to go through ALL those other fetishes~" She laughs, "So we'll turn you from a good boy into a good girl~" She kisses you and the camera pulls away to reveal a girl doll, "Ohhhh we're gonna have so much fun together~" Returns to PoV and then she places you beneath her ass, "Good night, Isabelle!" Feel free to improv at parts that make sense.