GiantessZone VR Videos - EX girlfriend shrinks you and your wife VR360 4K SFX

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    4K h265 Version. Gear VR, Occulus, PS4-Pro VR, Vive and any phone VR capable of playing H265 4K videos, S6,7 and 8, Google Pixel etc...
    Keri, your ex, filled with power, enters, knowing she was successful in shrinking you begins her search. As she walks around searching the room (behind furniture, under cushions...) her foot-stomps echo. Her massive feet walk past you, the loud booms shake you. She speaks in a demeaning voice while she searches, threatening to **** you when she finds you. The camera should be positioned under a front corner of the couch, close enough so that you can see what she is doing but also still creating the sense that you are hiding. Keri knows you are there and she needs to convey that it will only be a matter of time until you are found. She sits down on the couch right in front of you, puts her purse on the table and takes off her shoes, dropping them on the floor with a loud bang. All you can see now are the heels and soles of her massive feet. She gets up, taps her massive foot a few times and begins her search again. She gets down on her hands and knees for a closer look. She passes in front of you, her massive legs and feet gliding right past you, almost touching you. When she taps her foot she can be standing right in front of the camera. With the stomping sounds, I think it will be pretty cool. She stands up again, faces away from you looking to leave. Suddenly she turns around, drops to the ground with a loud bang. Her giant face now looking **** at you. A hand comes at you from the side of the couch, “Gotcha!” The massive fingers wrap around your tiny little body as she picks you up, stands up and brings you closer to her face. “Now that I have found you, what am I going to do with you?” She puts you down on the coffee table. When she picks up the camera, she needs to wrap her fingers around it versus picking it up and dangling. Like she is clenching the victim in her grip. This is not required for the vore scene. She sits back on the couch and puts her feet up on the table. “It has been so long since you have given me a foot massage. Start rubbing and if you don't do a good job, I will end your pathetic life in one gigantic stomp!” She slams her foot down right beside you with a boom and the entire table shakes. She then resets her foot, toes in the air and heel near touching you. As you look up at her toes, her feet look like skyscrapers in front of you. She curls and uncurls her toes over your head as if she enjoys the work you are doing. She relaxes back on the couch and falls ****. For the foot massage scene, the feet need to be very close to the camera, the heel almost touching, toes straight up. I want the feet to look like skyscrapers next to the little person. When the camera comes back, you have used her **** as an opportunity to escape. You have found your way back to the floor. You look in front of you and see your wife standing there shrunk as well. Here is your opportunity to be reunited. Keri begins to wake up. Suddenly, her massive foot lifts off the table and comes crashing down in front of you. She notices that you are no longer on the table and becomes angry. She stands up to get a better look around. As you look up you see just how tall she is. “You have exhausted my patience! When I find you little ****, there will be no more mercy!” She looks down and sees you looking up at her. “Well, it looks like your legs didn't carry you very far. Too bad you are too small to defend yourself.” She lifts her foot onto her heel and hovers its ball over your head. Oh my, is that your wife? Well hello down there, let me introduce myself, I'm Keri, I used to date your husband. I'm sorry you got dragged into this mess, it's nothing personal, wrong place, wrong know. Well, I guess I can't just leave your life this, and I since I can't make you big again…” As you look on helplessly, she lifts her other foot and hovers it over your wife. Then in one hard stomp, your wife's Yelps are silenced by your ex's giant foot falling down on top of her, **** all signs of life beneath it. “On second thought, maybe I won't Squeeze you (evil laugh).” Her enormous hand falls from the sky and scoops you up. As she sits back down on the couch, she brings her hand (with you in it) close to her face again. Her now booming voice says, “I think I would much rather eat you.” She then holds you above her head as she lays back on the couch and slowly lowers you into her mouth. As you look around, you see her teeth and the walls of her mouth slowly encase you. Resting now on her tongue, her lips close and as the screen goes black you meet your end.