Roleplay Goddess - Mesmerized Into Obsession

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    As I brush my long blond mane, you sit on your knees and observe. As I open my mouth to talk to you, you fall deeper and deeper under my spell. You want to sip words coming from my mouth. My piercing touch provides fantasy for your desires, your lust, your mind. My long purple nails are ready to decide your fate. As I hear all the 'oooohs' and all the 'aaaahhhs' my motivation to own you rises. Everything I do I do to make you weaker. It is futile to resist. Excitement will grow on you and you will not be able to stop yourself from worshipping your sexy Goddess.
    || This video contains: erotic tease, sexy tease, female domination, femdom POV, mirror shot, big boobs, faux latex, high heels, pussy tease, sandal heels, blondes, lip fetish, mouth fetish, oral fixation, purple lips, lipstick application, boob tease, goddess worship, tease&denial, cock tease, dildo, naked pussy, Purple Bitch, dirty talk, JOE.
    || Custom video.
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