Roleplay Goddess - Hump Me!

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    Have you been a good boy? Because only good boys deserve a surprise... Your surprise will be me dressed in a tight, sultry lustrous outfit completed with a see through top revealing the shape of my breasts, black shiny pantyhose and patent leather heels. It will be me sitting down, showing off my long legs and dangling my heels. It will be me telling you about what I want. It will be me gently touching you, teasing the tip of your cock as I say HUMP ME over and over again. Hump me... because you need to. Hump my heels. Hump my legs. Hump my body. HUMP ME said softly, HUMP ME whispered calmly in your ear, HUMP ME expressed with lots of encouragement... It's ok. I want it. You want it. HUMP ME!
    || This video contains: masturbation encouragement, humping encouragement, dry humping, dirty talk, heel dangle, high heels dangling, black attire, pantyhose, patent leather heels, pantyhose, faux latex, big lips, lip fetish, dildo play, dildo stroking, instructions, instructional, cock tease, pink hair, roleplay, positive femdom, female domination, leg fetish.
    || Custom video.
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