Emmas Secret Life - Blackmailed By My Sons Best Friend

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    Location: American / United States. (This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at [email protected] or send me a DM) I am vinny your sons lets say friend who you do not like. you tell me that your son isn't around and that I should come back later. at that time you get a call from your son. after confirming I am there he tells you news that infuriates you. he tells you that he has made a deal that I had helped him cheat on his sat test and that in return I got to spend a night with you and that you have to submit to what ever I say otherwise ill tell everyone he cheated and his college dreams will be ruined. you argue with him angrily telling him you cant belive he offered his mother like some sex toy in some perverted deal. you argue that you really don't like me and that your not gonna let someone have his way with you, asking about what if his father found out. after some discussion you angrily agree. you tell your son fine you'll agree to the deal with some other angry comment and hang up the phone. you look at me furious at first you just curse at me calling me a bully and pervert and how you cant believe what your about to do. finally you ask ok what do I want and I instruct you to lead me to your bedroom. we go to your bedroom where I instruct you to strip for me. angrily you do dancing sexily even though you are furious. I instruct you to crawl to me when you do I motion to my dick and point to your mouth. you angrily pull out my dick and reluctantly begin jerking it and eventually sucking it. I immediately start telling you your good at it and that you must be enjoying yourself you deny it but I make you say you that you like it. during the bj I make you say things. ( that you love my dick, that your a cheating whore) at one point I pull out my phone and tell you to look into the camera and say how your love sucking (my name) dick. and I tell you im sending that video to your son. you curse more at me telling me this is humiliating. eventually I make you ask me to fuck you on your husbands bed. at first you plead me not to make you do this but relent. you lay on your back spread your legs and repeat the line. to which I roughly stick my dick in you making you moan out stating you cant believe this is happening and you cant believe the size of my dick. I berate you more making you say dirty things which you angrily yell through moans. some of which I record and send to your son. humiliated and angry you end up having orgasms reluctantly during the fucking. eventually I tell you to get back on your knees and beg for my cum. angrily you tell me I better not cum on your face to witch I make you suck me more and make you beg anyway. I tell you after I cum to keep jerking me and to then thank me. you make an angry groan as your sucking and soon I without warning begin to cum filling your mouth causing you to back off and receive a huge facial as well to and you angrily tell me thank you. I stop recording and you erupt in anger telling me how dare I cum all over you like your some whore making remarks about how your covered in cum and then I tell you to tell me that next time I can fuck your ass. shocked you say something like wait what this wasn't a one time deal? you angrily curse me again before reluctantly telling me I can fuck your ass next time. video would end with your son calling back and you furiously telling him what just happened and that his mother is covered in my cum like some whore and that your being made to do more later.

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