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    Location: American / United States. This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at [email protected] or send me a PM)This is a continuation of "Son blackmails mom to fuck his dog".So it starts with you in the living room dressed in a cute skirt and blouse a bra and panties.You are on your way to meet dad for lunch (and probably a quickie) and you say"hey kiddo, I'm gonna meet your dad for lunch I'll be back later"and I stop you because I want to cum before you go.You say "seriously?!I'm going to be late" (I know you fuck dad on his lunch breaks, so I have plans)at this point you know what I want and you know you can't do anything about it so you might as well enjoy it.I direct you to get up pull out your breasts(while leaving your clothes on, so your breasts are sitting over your bra with your shirt open)I start jerking off and you say while playing with your nipples"you love moms big tits don't you,you use to suck on these when you were little.you want to suck them now don't you?""You probably want to see moms pussy too huh?"then I tell you to lift your skirt, pull your panties to the side, turn around and spread your ass.Say stuff like"this is the pussy you came from honey, and now it's all wet for you""go ahead stroke to mom's little asshole and pussy"Then turn around still just holding your lips open and say"it's not that weird to jerk to your mom, I bet a lot of boys do, I bet all your friends jerk off to me""maybe we should invite some of your friends over so I can fuck them in front of you""you want to watch your mom get fucked? "Go ahead son, jerk off to your mom's wet little pussy "you want to fuck mom's pussy?You want to fuck mommy's slutty little pussy?" "I think I'll just fuck all your friends and make you jerk off while I use all their young cocks to make me cum"Then start to play with yourself "your making mommy want to cum, keep stroking for me""look how wet your mom is"then if you could sit down on the couch with your legs spread,breasts and pussy on display and keep saying naughty things of the mother/son variety for a while.Then after a couple minutes say"you look like your going to cum honey, I want you to cum on mom's pussy" then keep encouraging me to cum on your pussy while you spread it. (When the son cums all over your spread pussy) say "mom's not finished keep stroking!"Please use the cum to masturbate with and start fingering yourself so it goes inside (if you can use real cum that would be great if not that's okay)and say"your father is probably going to fuck me in a little while, I'm going to leave your cum all over my pussy, he might even taste your cum without knowing it.Should I make daddy eat my pussy with your cum inside?""Your dad won't even know he's fucking his son's cum""the whole family's cum all mixed together inside mommy's horny cunt"Then keep using the cum to make yourself cum while saying nasty things following that premise,where the father is unaware and you are naughty mommy who fucks the family and finish yourself off.Then sit there for about 10 seconds so I can see all your naughty bits especially your pussy still covered in cum and talk about meeting dad while you straighten yourself up