Emmas Secret Life - Oops I Fucked My Nephew Pt. 3

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    Location: American / United States. (This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at [email protected] or send me a DM) You walk naked into your room getting ready for your meeting, mostly talking to yourself. Your psyching yourself up for a big board meeting today. You have your dress and heels ready but you cant seem to find your underwear, even you lingerie seems to be missing after searching a bit. Frustrated you call your sister seeing if she by chance did the laundry for you, she laughs and tells you that your nephew, who being so grateful for all the things you’ve done for them volunteered to take the laundry to the cleaners. Why is something wrong? You hurriedly laugh saying no no no just was worried that you started borrowing some of my cloths again like in high school. You quickly make your good bye and then yell in frustration, “ THAT LITTLE FUCKER! AFTER I FUCKED HIM ALL NIGHT YESTERDAY!” You immediately call your nephews phone but it goes straight to voice mail. You practically bark at your cellphone “Look you son of a bitch, call me as soon as you gets this, you cant play these fucken games while my god damn career is on the line! I am not going to work with nothing under my dress so tell me where the hell my fucken lingerie is!” You give another quick search and find a bag (or box) with a note saying “For the best Aunt and Nephew could hope for” and you look inside. You groan now knowing your evil nephew plan. You begin talking to yourself “there’s no way I can wear that to work....no fucken way...I didn’t know they even made lingerie like this! Its so perverted!” you check the time and curse “I have no time to stop anywhere...god damn him...I cant go to work naked under my dress and I cant got to work with....that on...no. NO. I am not playing his fucken game!” You immediately put on your heels and dress then storm form the room. A moment later you storm right back in and grab the bag screaming “FUCK!”We now jump to you in your office (wearing the dress and lingerie) with your phone ear piece on.“Good afternoon gentlemen and thank you for rescheduling to an audio meeting...no no I’m fine just had a few things come up today so thank you again for this favor...um no not everyone is on the line yet so everyone please stay on hold until all board members are present” You groan saying this day couldn’t get any worse. Just then you get a call from your assistant. “What is it Matt, I told you I’m not to be disturbed until...wait what?! My Nephew? No no no no NO! Tell him I’m busy I’ll talk to him later or Ill see him when i get home-what do you mean he’s already on his way up? God damn it Matt I’m about to go into a board meeting! A Family emergency?!(You mutter) “I wouldn’t call his insatiable cock an “Emergency” What? No nothing just next time as soon as he enters the building let me know” you hang up and start fussing with your hair and your dress, you mutter to yourself , “Matt you are so fired...son of a bitch why now...he just wants to cum so Emma your going to do what you do best, milk the cum out of a hard cock with your wet tight mouth! Ah Matt thank you for showing in him in” You wait patiently until Matt leaves and then you start immediately on your nephew. “What the fuck are you playing at you fucking asshole?! Do you have any idea what I have planned today?” As your talking you drop to your knee and fish out his cock and start sucking him off. “Why are you looking at me like that? This is what you wanted right? To fuck your Aunts throat in her own office!” You spit and slather his cock in your spit as you give him the stink eye “All my fucken lingerie! All but this perverted one you bought me you have me wearing but your not going to see it, I know what your after you wanna fuck me right here right now dont you? Well I’m not going to let you! Your going to fill my mouth with hot nephew cum and then your going to leave! Sheesh calm down, I’m the CEO my office is sound proof, trust me your not the first cock I’ve had sucked in here” You continue to gobble his meat and dirty talk him until he surprises you and nuts on your face and down your dress front. “What. The. HELL?! Do you have any idea how much this dress cost?! Fuck is that the time? Okay you’ve got what you wanted now get out! Get out you came all over my face so just leave I need to be ready for this meeting! Oh for god sakes, yes I’m the CEO of my company but I still answer to the board of directors! I already reschedule to an audio call because you left me with nothing but this slutty lingerie...fuck I need to join the line, STAY QUITE. "(Here you can make up whatever business talk you like. You walk back and fourth while talking with your colleagues. While your talking your eyes meet your nephews and he gestures towards you and you shake your head mounting no. He wiggles his phone at you and you roll your eyes and give him the stink eye. You continue chatting but face your nephew and unzip your dress and hold it open l