Emmas Secret Life - Reprogrammed Revenge

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    Location: American / United States. (This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at [email protected] or send me a DM) You are a fairly chaste normal wife who has been cheating on her husband with an old friend. (This is all the usual you responding to a conversation with your husband who is offscreen.) The video starts with your you coming home from work and him asking how you’re feeling, to which you respond “I’m OK…I felt a little…weird at work today…” . You sit down on the bed/couch, maybe holding your head, a little dizzy, setting your phone down next to you. He says “oh good…I guess you really don’t remember your reprogramming” to which you respond (maybe a little annoyed) “reprogramming? What are you talking about?” - you’re tired and just want to go to bed. Then he says “Well, I know about you and Greg.” You are shocked - initially trying to hide it, but then pleading “It - it was just a few times” and being sorry. He says “it’s OK - I figured that since you wanted to be a whore I’d get you programmed to be one.” Now you are angry “That’s disgusting! What are you talking about?” Him: “From now on - you’ll do anything you get requested to do on your phone. For example - this morning I texted you that you that you will never wear panties or bras again.” You are angry and disbelieving: “What? You’re disgusting of course I-“ You spread your legs - and are shocked and mortified to find that you are in fact not wearing panties. You quickly close your legs (kind of a tease here ), angry and embarrassed that you were at work like this all day. You feel your shirt, realizing that you don’t have a bra on either. Now you are horrified and embarrassed angry and still not totally believing - and you are yelling at your husband who is texting something - your phone dings. You pick it up to look at it - and then look up at him angry. “WHAT?! Take slutty pictures of myself for my new website?! What the fuck, Dan! You know I would never-“ You stop mid-sentence…blink…and then smile vapidly/sexily and suddenly start to take sexy selfies (as if you don’t even realize your husband is still there - you’re effectively a different person). You start with cute-sexy…and then start to reveal more of yourself. You stay in your clothes, though your top comes open and you take increasingly lewd pics of your mostly naked body (one in particular I envision is you on your back, legs pulled up to show your pussy and lovely tits on display…and maybe one on all fours with them dangling down nicely) After a couple of minutes you blink and come back to yourself - and are horrified. But - you find you can’t delete the pics! You are angry but also begging your husband to delete them - and then you get another text from him. “What - open this website and create a page with the nastiest name I can think of?” you are even more horrified when you open the link: “cheapfucks.com?!! Oh my god this is disgusting! I - what - no…wait…” you find yourself tapping on the phone to create a page, utterly horrified - giving yourself the most disgusting name you can think of You finish and then stare at it in horror. “Oh my god - Dan…I uploaded all those pictures!! Please - someone could see, you have to let me take them down-“ Another text from your husband. You look horrified and look up at him. “…ch-check all the options for what I’m available for? What do you mean-“ You start to look at the phone, and start to tap…and are completely horrified as you select every option on your profile, reading a few of them as you go… [Feel free to add any you like ] “Oh my god - what…wait, no…men…and women!? I would never do - oh god…oh god wait…gangbangs?! Please I - wh-what does bukkake mean!? What is fisting?! Oh my god Dan please… What - what is…no…oh god…oh GOD…” You press “publish” and stare at your phone in horror. You look up at your husband, and start to beg. “Oh god - oh god please I’m so sorry…” you climb up on the bed, sobbing and begging “L-Listen…I’ll - I’ll do anything you want! All those things I said I wouldn’t do! I’ll wear those things you got me that I wouldn’t wear!” You turn around on the bed with your ass up to him. “Here - I said I’d never do anal b-but - here, you can try me right now!” (Maybe you even finger your ass a little - disgusted but trying to tease it open for him) Your phone dings. You roll to the side and reach for it asking “What did you -“ you pause “…what do you mean that wasn’t you?” You look at it, horrified tapping the button. “My first appointment is ready? N-No - I’m not going to do this! I won’t-“ You stop - frozen for a moment. You stand up - moving like you are dazed (not exactly robotic - more of a distant/glazed over look). You take off your clothes and go over to the closet, pulling out something super slutty You get dressed, and put on very slutty makeup (we can show some of you dressing and maybe the end of the makeup or something).

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