Secret Lens - Spreading her feet publicly

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    Subject: She is wearing short jeans, She removed her flip flops, and exposed her perfect toes with red toenails polish. (I captured her putting them back at some point) but the entire clip is barefoot.
    Moves: Laying down on a couch she removes her flip flops raises her legs and starts spreading her feet all over the place (On the coffee table, On the ramp...). I captured her perfect rounded calf jiggling while she is moving (in all directions). After a few minutes, She starts pushing away with her foot (toes) all the items on the table to make room for her feet. Spreading her legs on the coffee table pointing her feet in all directions. Changing her sitting position many times in order to relax her body.
    In the second half of the clip, she turns around completely toward my lens, exposing her feet soles. She swings her shaped legs on the couch arms, then raises them (on the ramp) and crosses them at ankle level. Note that she is hyperactive... she is always moving something or her feet or her toes, with lots of squeezing (to hold her feet on to) the table or the ramp.
    Close up: legs, bare feet, toes, and Soles
    Recommended for: brunette, Long legs, and feet, bare feet, red toenails, soft soles, Red Toenails, etc
    Capturing in 4K gears, Uploading in FHD quality at 25 FPS
    Shooting Candid: Bare legs, High heels, Pantyhose, feet, soles, toes, shoeplay...etc
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