Secret Lens - How did she clean her soles

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    Subject: Sexy girl sitting right in front of my lens tanning herself, she is wearing a black bikini.
    plus 3 girls will join her after 2 mins and a half.
    Moves: She is laying down on a summer beach chair slightly spreading her legs (toe wiggling, pointing toes up), crosses them in a four like position showing one-foot soles, lays back down (thigh jiggling), crosses down her legs on top of each other, tapping the seat with her foot (hard thigh jiggling) once, standing up (went swimming). Came back with dirt on her soles, she cleaned them by rubbing them on her sin mat. She gathers with her friends (having a drink), sits in a 4 like position (her soles toward my lens and the other foot is straight). Put back her feet straight and squeezes her toes with her ankle. Moving her feet back and forth on the side of the chair (few times).. sitting back in a 4 like position again (at this point she got only sand on her soles)....At the 7th mins (middle of the clip) She left and came back with really dirty soles, She hides her sole with her thigh...and the dirt is gone...only some trace and sand beach is left. As for the rest, you will enjoy these 4 girls having a drink completely unaware of my lens presence.
    Very long capture, reduced to 13 mins showing only the best moves. Check my clip store for the other subjects captured at a different time.
    Close up: legs POV, thigh, dirty soles, dirty feet, and toes.
    Capturing in 4K gears, Uploading in FHD quality at 25 FPS
    Shooting Candid: Bare legs, High heels, Pantyhose, feet, soles, toes, shoeplay...etc
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