Secret Lens - Dirty feet Laying down

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    Subject: She is wearing a short thigh legging, laying down on her mat barefoot. She did walk on the dirt before starting her session...
    Moves: Pointing her toes toward the ground while she is laying down on her belly, she is adjusting her napping position and her feet pulling the up and down and pointing them toward the ground. While she is pulling herself up she is using her toes to move her entire body. Swinging both legs left/right to release the tension. Pulling her feet away from each other... (must be a move). Sitting in a doggy style position (on her knees) and adjusting her legs/feet position (by the way I shot her ass too). Zooming/close-up on all her lower body (ass, thigh, legs, feet, soles, toes). The best part is that she didn't clean her soles she kept the sand and the dirt during the entire clip.
    Target: Yoga pants, dirty feet/soles, ass, thigh, very soft bare legs, feet, soft dirty soles, toes lovers...
    Capturing in 4K gears, Uploading in FH.D and HD quality with 50 FP
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