DeFEETed - Anne's Long Mature Arched Soles FJ (1080p)

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    Summer in Louisiana is now official and you will feel it as soon as you step outside around 2:00 in the afternoon. The humidity is ridiculous with all the lakes and bayous that are here. But I'm not going to let the steamy heat stop me from getting out for a cruise around town to indulge in the many pairs of hot female feet in flip flops. Walmart is probably the best place to see this. My eyes are always wandering downward while I'm shopping because I see so many mature women with big feet in there in flip flops and wedges. Whew!...Sometimes I have to stand really close behind my shopping cart to hide my woody!
    My favorite part of shopping is when it comes time to checkout. I look for any line with a hot lady in sandals. I guess it was my lucky day because right after checkout, I saw this older woman in line at the money center. I was about 20 feet away from her and even at that distance, her feet appeared to be big. I just had to get a closer look! So I sat my cart aside and stood in line behind her; I needed a roll of quarters anyway.
    She turned, glanced at me and gave a smile. Then I took a quick look at her feet and they were pretty big; looked about a size 10. The line wasn't that long, but the desk clerks were taking forever with each customer. I pretended to be annoyed and said ...Man! Can they get any slower?!?
    She smirked and said, "Yeah. I guess Walmart is the same everywhere because customer service is also bad at the stores back in Florida."
    Damn! She's not from here; I said in my head. Well, I decided to compliment her feet and asked if she had just got them done because the nail salon was a few doors down. She said no, but I told her that they looked nice and I would like to offer her a photo session if she's interested while pulling out my phone to show her my Instagram profile. She said that she would think about it, so I made sure to leave my number with her before leaving the store. I kept my hopes up all that week because she seemed like she had a bit of a "wild side."
    I got a text five days later on Thursday. It read: "Hey! This is Anne. We met at Walmart last weekend. Can you give me more details about this foot modeling thing?"
    Anne said that she was supposed to go on a trip to Vegas with her sisters in a week and needed a little extra cash. I told her that I could probably help her out if she came over to see me. By that point, Anne knew I wanted to do more than just take a few pics of her feet. She agreed to a session and we hooked up that Saturday night.
    Anne arrived in a short black skirt that showed off her nice long legs and peep toe wedged heels. I had her take off her shoes and I began right away with recording her big soles propped on the coffee table. They had a nice light natural foot scent with a hint of leather. The session continued in the bedroom as Anne slips into her sexy black lingerie. Another minute of zooming in on the lovely shape of her soles before getting to know what they feel like on my dick!
    Her footjob debut begins with her massaging the underside of my penis with her feet. Anne continues with going to work up and down on the head of my dick while she sat up with her legs folded. One foot planted on my crotch and the other stroking my boner. She then lies on her side and I almost spilled my semen at the sight of those big, long wrinkled soles moving up and down my erection! Anne finishes me off with my dick still sandwiched between her arches. The smooth rapid stroking caused me to shoot a big load of jizz across the top of her right foot!
    Running Time - 10:58.

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