Cruel Girlfriend - Wear Their Cum With Pride, Princess

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    Wear it with pride, sissy - you earned every single one of those cummy jizz-bags and you deserve to show them all off!... and what better way than by modelling your pretty Princess Tiara with each fully-loaded condom dangling into your painted face. It's so perfect for you, sissy - you're gonna feel so proud to wear it and! It's delicate and pretty and covered in sissy-sparkles and it's going to sit on the crest of your long blonde girly head, decorated with the jizz-filled cumbags from all the real men you've been made to pleasure! The perfect crown for a princess don't you think sissy? The rewards from all your hard work sucking cock hanging before your eyes - you're never gonna want to take that tiara off are you Missy?
    I'm gonna collect the used condoms from the floor of your little room at the brothel and I'll hang each bag of slime on your pretty tiara where it will dangle into your feminized, made-up face to remind you of your status. You'll have no choice but to stare through the thick loads of cum you were made to suck from the balls of all the men you were sold to. The evidence of every degrading act of submission hanging right in your face, sissy. Cum you were made to suck and fuck for in your humiliating sissy uniforms. Proof of your sexual slavery to men - hanging in your face. All the pleasure you were made to give real men at the expense of so much humiliation to yourself will be draped over your face. All those hours of being used, degraded and fucked and made to suck until they were done with you worn with honour from your dainty Princess tiara.
    Wear their cum with pride, princess - for all the clients that use you to see. I'm gonna make you wear that tiara while you're taking each real-man pounding in your fuck-doll whore ass so you get to feel each of those icky condoms slapping your painted face. With every thrust into your ass, real-man jizz-bags will bounce in tandem with your huge hooped earrings onto your bimbo-glossed lips, your XL fluttery lashes and your blushing cheeks. Imagine that total humiliation, sissy, as a real man fucks you hard and rough - preparing another load to hang from your pretty tiara. It's going to be super-humiliating sissy but with every bounce and every slap of cum-filled condom into your face will come the reminder of what you are and what's expected of you - make men cum sissy - and wear their cum with pride!