MissKsiaBB - Suffer&Cum

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    I came back from shopping and I got some beautiful pairs of shoes for my satisfaction.These beautiful shoes will express my power of domination when I completely crush your pathetic balls.Today I have such a relaxed mood, and I want to slowly crush my slave's cock and balls the way I want.I will crush these eggs with my long heels.I know these balls are full of cum and they need to be crushed under my sexy and dangerous feet of destruction.I put pressure on his balls and rub his cock with my beautiful shoes, and when he starts to cum, I'll knock all the sperm out of him!And I know you like it when your young Mistress tramples on your dick and balls, I know you're addicted to my soles..) I will show you the depth of your nothingness by crushing your balls under my feet.Even if you beg for mercy, I will not stop, because your pain is my pleasure.