MissKsiaBB - Reward Through Pain

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    I'm wearing a sexy black mini skirt, a white tank top and white socks. Yesterday I ordered a slave to clean the soles of all my shoes with his tongue and he coped with the task perfectly and today he is waiting for a stunning footjob.Jerking off with my feet is a big privilege from me, and this slave will have to pay for this honor. I enjoy my power over my slave's penis, and I want to have some fun, have fun, but for this, the slave's eggs will have to suffer a lot.I start squeezing his testicles with both feet and toes, then casually and harshly beat off his prichindals, completely ignoring his reproductive health.With my dangerous, sexy legs, I stroke and tease him to the verge of ecstasy, only to step on and break his balls when he gets too excited.After he has splashed his hot cum on my tender, young feet, I squeeze and beat his balls hard to expel the ejaculations of sperm.A good combination of pain and pleasure;)