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    The poor slave does not yet know what awaits him when I finally free him from the cage of chastity. For twenty days he has been obediently walking around in a cage, his balls are full of sperm and I want to blow him up. A surprise is waiting for him.It's time to feel those balls squish after my tender feet kick them over and over again.I start with warm-up kicks, and I make him lick, kiss my sexy legs and at this time I give him some real kicks. As soon as my foot touched his balls, the penis immediately hardened. It excites me very much when the penis hardens from my blows)I won't stop kicking until I see a creamy firework, even if it means completely beating his balls into porridge. I kicked his balls and hard cock with my bare feet until cum started gushing onto my toes and ankle. Finally, I knock every last drop of sperm out of him and finish off his empty balls with a few brutal blows, and he falls in agony.