Classy Feet - Sniff To Nirvana

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    Nirvana as a trascendent state through PHEROMONE INDUCED EXPLOSION. Girls, provide the aforementioned and get yourselves a loyal puppy. The most effort you put into it, the more dedicated the pet.
    My prep tricks?
    Socks and nylons are never washed, wear, repeat, wear, repeat (eventually sell online for spoil yourself money).
    Take 2 pairs of shoes to work: Beautiful high heels for meetings and Court Sessions, VERY WELL WORN FLATS for every time in between.
    Tease him, get his full attention: messages, pictures, short videos.
    At home: Mules are perfect! Your puppy will easily catch a whiff of your day's worth. Show off!
    When the time is right, the way to NIRVANA is... well, I'll let the clip (and my YELLOWISH SOLES) do the talking.
    Smells Like Feet Spirits?