The Queendom - Amethyst Mars: You Look Like An Ass Guy - 4kVR

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Cover 2 The Queendom - Amethyst Mars: You Look Like An Ass Guy - 4kVR - 4K Ultra HD/MP4
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    See more Giantess videos at The Queendom:Megan Jones: Megan Jones: Extreme Ass Smother SessionRiot Starter: Riot Starters Ass PetEdyn Blair: You Want To Get Squished?"I definitely have to find some use for these tiny people," you hear Amethyst Mars say from inside her gym bag. Youve been trapped here for a day or two, forgotten in the sweaty darkness, only seeing light when Amethyst unzips the bag from time to time. Today though, shes determined to find a use for you! She can tell be looking at you that youre an ass guy, she bets youd make a great ass slave! How would you like to spend the rest of your life buried deep between her soft, luscious cheeks? What will get to you first? Will be slowly smothered by the soft cheeks you dream about? Squished flat by her weight when she sits? Or maybe youll choke on the ocean of ass sweat youll be swimming in by the time shes finished with her workout! Whatever happens to you, youll be trapped in HER ass and isnt that the perfect way for you to go? Arent you excited to be Amethysts newest ass slave?!?