Divine Empress Kamryn - Mindpulation

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    I have taken so much control over you. Little by little, conquering a piece of your mind after another. It's well earned by me since you know how good I am at making you trust me.. I'll show you the effect I have on you. As I always do. I'll begin by putting you at ease, letting you admire me closely. One moment.. and you're kneeling at my feet. Now watch me rocking and dangling my heels in front of your nose. Watch me slipping my feet off them and tease you. Not before I made you imagine things.. Bringing you right where I want you. Your weakness is feet.. your weakness is high heels.. your weakness is legs.. your weakness is ME. Your weakness is whatever I decide. It is whatever I say it is. Because that's how far I've taken of your being. Mindpulation. That's how much you willingly have given to me. Willingly, because how could you ever refuse, resist me or stay away from me? No, no, only thinking about it you feel empty. I'm here to fill you and guide you. Always, with my divine presence. Look at yourself doing whatever I want..
    Includes low binaural beats