LisaJordan - Relegated to a slave

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    Custom: *No Names*
    Please wear black pantyhose, black heels, and any kind of dress. You play my wife: My Boss and I made an arrangement, he’s was going to have sex with you and in exchange he’ll give me that promotion I’ve been working towards. The thing is, after that night he’s been coming over regularly to fuck you even multiple times a week. I just put my head down and accept it, it’s not a like wimp like me would do anything about it. Once you discovered what a submissive wimp I was, you lost all attraction for me. Things changed drastically in the house. You make me do all the work and chores around the house I’ve essentially been relegated to a slave. He comes over whenever he wants and takes you up the bedroom or he will just fuck you right in front of me while I’m shining your shoes, scrubbing the floor or doing whatever task you’ve given me. He brags constantly in the office about banging my wife, refers to me as his bitch and even tells people he turned my own wife against me and now I’m basically her slave. You told him he should just fire me and then I’ll become a full time slave for the both of you. You encourage his bullying and it turns you on, it’s exciting to see your weak husband be completely dominated by a real alpha man. You know I can’t say no to you, this is definitely happening. I am going to give up everything and become a slave to my wife and former boss. It may be strange explaining it to our friends and loved ones at first but your sure they will come around to it. Thanks!