SelenaRyan - Tinies Trapped In Ass Beg For Mercy 4K

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    In this 5-in-1 Giantess 4K video compilation, it's lights out for all of you tinies as Giantess Selena turns you into her tiny little asshole toy! In the 1st clip, you lose a bet with Selena who is able to do more squats than you. You know what that means, Selena gets to shrink you! After shrinking you Selena playfully teases her asshole with your tiny body, making you sniff it and lap up her sweat! She pulls up her leggings, leaving you trapped in her crack forever! In the 2nd clip, Selena is furious that you, a tiny little creep, have been staring at her at the gym. As retribution, Selena wedges you deep inside her cheeks and playfully twerks and clenches as you struggle to breathe. After adequately chastising you with her cheeks, Selena leaves you in her ass and leaves to finish her workout. In the 3rd clip, you're Selena's little pet, as small as a bug. It's time for her to rest and she invites you to join her in her giant bed. To keep you safe, Giantess Selena tucks you inside her asshole and pulls her thong up before shutting her eyes. In the 4th clip, your girlfriend Selena has just downloaded an experimental new shrinking app and she's eager to try it out! You're hesitant to be shrunken, but your bratty girlfriend insists. She shrinks you and loves the results, you're absolutely tiny and she loves towering over you. Deciding to have some fun with her new little toy, Selena picks you up (your POV) and uses you to masturbate, putting your tiny body deep inside her pussy. Her tone is devious as she next turns you into her little buttplug (your POV). She doesn't care about your well-being at all but revels in her own pleasure as she uses you as nothing more than a tiny anal toy. In the 5th and final clip, Selena is excited that your shrink ray is finally complete! She suggests that you try the ray on yourself so you can explore her giant body after shrinking. You trust her, right? After you shrink, Selena picks your tiny body up, pulls her thong to the side, and wedges you inside her ass. She loves your new size and suggests letting you live in her ass for a few weeks while she goes about her daily life, shopping, and exercising. She decides to leave for the gym so you can lap up all her booty sweat!
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