Leena Mae - You Dare Defy Me

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    Location: American / USA. I'm a powerful giantess that comes home only to step on my very tiny husband. He says that he is sick of me treating him like a speck of dust and having no respect towards him even though we are married. He tells me he has been training to be able to beat me. I can't help but laugh. I tell him that if he can hurt me I will stop being mean to him, but if he can't he will be my little toy forever to punish. Like I thought he is no match to my power. I stomp on him, sit on him, chew him up, spit him out, squeeze him inside my nose, squish him between my ass cheeks and tits, and other cruel things. I can hear his tiny voice screaming and begging me to stop, but I've only just begun. I taunt him and at the end I put him in my smelly sneakers and we leave to go on a hike where his body gets crushed every step of the way!Featuring: giantess, mean giantess, tiny, small, big tits, big feet, sneakers, jean shorts, evil, stomp, crush, nose, mouth, chew, miniature, fetish