Savage Soles - Celestial Makes Him Puke: 4K HD

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    The magnetic young sadist, Celestial makes Tommy smell her foot then lick it on his knees, snapping orders at him until her foot is gagging him and she's slapping him in the face and telling him to come closer. She warns him she'll get mad if she feels his teeth and celebrates his "big ass moth" telling him to "Gag on it" as her foot gagging Tommy is quickly stunning with the big man retching at her feet. She rams her foot down his throat, rips at his face and makes him lick her feet. She face fucks him looking down from the chair off the mat, her sunglasses (having walked in from the pool) on her nose as she destroys his face. Her calves flex incredibly as his lips encircle her foot like fish lips and he retches in brutal gagging. Her expressions, as a sadist, are adorable as he sinks beneath her, retching and spilling fluid. She foot slaps him. She makes him retch in dry heaves. She his face as a doormat with her Soles, the beautiful mean girl with some of Florida's most beautiful eyes making a man turn colors in agony at her feet. Relentless foot gagging -- more loud and screaming retching from the pain-absorbing Tommy. She asks if he's scared and he says he is a little bit. It's unkind reality. It's violence and pain and degradation and the inhumanity is the point. She uses his tongue like a punching bag and takes him to the mat in a gymnastic foot gag; The hot girl is an acrobat and incredibly skilled with her body. He is in deep pain and says "More," which angers Celestial as he suffers inhuman face gags. She screams at him to open his mouth as he struggles to rise. She foot flaps him. She verbally humiliates him and says "I'm in fucking charge; not you." Celestial is not a girl to disobey or make requests to; You're with her for her to hurt and humiliate you. She has the sensuality of youth and beauty and the Savagery of sadism. She screams at him, tells him to look down until she says so. She is really angry. "... bet you don't run away at the gym." Celestial is so fucking mad and when she gets mad, her immortal eyes get heinous; She celebrates out loud and tells him "Get low" as a stunning twisting foot gag pulled off by two people really fucking good at foot gagging makes Tommy puke at her feet. But sadism will not rest; the viciousness doesn't stop as she screams at him to open to drill gags his throat from the chair above, screaming at him and calling him unprintable things. It is inhuman. The 22-year-old Celestial might be an angel, but she is a true sadist and when Tommy dares say "More" she makes him puke fill his throat and she still she wants more from him as the cameragirl Andi Page stops the carnage. Time: 20:27

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