Savage Soles - Savage Soles Returns! 4K HD

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    The Sole Savagery of a hot girl breaking down another person with her mind, beauty and feet returns as Celestial the alluring young beauty turns new man Tommy's face into a foot repository in some of the more savage action anywhere. Celestial is adoration -- from the Latin adoratio. A lot about her is addicting, and she works like an acrobat with the arguably unusual goal of making a big guy expand his mouth to inhuman widths, retch and gag as she verbally humiliates and does not try to hide her love for his pain as the 22-year-old beauty is fascinated with her own cruelty. Just the hold she starts him in would have finished some guys and soon he hears "Open!" from above him on the mat, where the natural beauty joins him and face fucks him against the wall. His mouth widens as Celestial tells him coldly how much she likes "this one" as he turns purple and gags, pinned against the drywall by her incredible feet and incredibly strong legs, lacing her right foot behind his neck and face-fucking the guy with her other foot as fluids spill from him and she slaps his face. Still mercilessly against the wall she mauls his face with her feet then executes a vicious upward gag -- getting up on her palms. Face slapping. He hurts. She does some combination of a yoga pose and a handstand and plunger fucks his face against the wall, stretching his hamstrings at one point to increase his suffering. She wipes his tears and double heel chokes him. She draws him in and face fucks him, filling his throat it seems -- turning and ordering him not to move and pinning him, then grabbing his head in deep and hideous foot gags. Long leg foot gags; Celestial can do fucking anything. She played sports and when her calves flex as she's pulling him in with their power, it is an awesome sight from a breathtakingly pretty girl and a guy who is an All-Star at taking foot-gagging. She jack-hammer gags him from above, foot slapping him and asking if he's awake. An incredibly gymnastic foot gag as her foot seems half in is throat and half in his mouth. He retches. She tells him she can help, him then laughs drilling her remarkable upwardly angled foot gag into his mouth and saying "Yeah" in demonic delight as his face sinks -- gagged on her foot like a pike on a stick. More gymnastic, one-legged brutally painful foot gags as still, purple and spilling fluids she yells at him -- still she buries her foot into his face with violent foot gags most people can not stand -- as it's the young beauty over him, wiping his spit into his face and laughing her adorable laugh as he breathes in pain beneath her. Time: 15:41