Coed Feet Clips - Punished By Miranda's Dirty Feet (Standard)

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Cover 2 Coed Feet Clips - Punished By Miranda's Dirty Feet (Standard) - LQ/WMVScreenlist Coed Feet Clips - Punished By Miranda's Dirty Feet (Standard) - LQ/WMV
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    THIS IS THE BROADBAND 320X240 VERSION, ENCODED AT 1500K. Miranda comes home and is pissed! She is mad you have been watching cartoons and not cleaning the house. She will now make you smell her stinky feet and shoes as punishment. You really hate her smelly feet, but she makes you sit by her feet on the floor. She takes off one tennis shoe, and jams it in your face. She then jams the socked foot in your face. She yells at you where to sniff. She takes off the sock, and her soles are so dirty. She rubs it on your face. She jams the other shoe, then the other socked foot in your face, you to sniff. She makes you get on the ground, and she starts stomping and grinding her one bare foot, and her one socked foot on your face. She takes the other sock off and makes you lick the dirt. Finally she sits down, props her two dirty soles up. She makes you suck the toes and lick those dirty and smelly soles until you have learned your lesson. RUNTIME 6:30.

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