London Lix - Foot Cuckold

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    Why are foot fetishes and cuckold fetishes so frequently found together, hmm? It's because you losers know, that my feet...the lowest, smelliest, sweatiest, dirtiest, least sexual part of my body, are all you deserve. You don't deserve to set eyes on any other inch of me, do you? Nope. The rest of my Goddess body is reserved for real men and you know it. So I want to congratulate you for knowing your place in life, by letting you jerk to my soft soles and pretty pedicured toes, as I dirty talk you through some of my favorite foot cuck fantasies. What would I let you do as my foot cuckold? How would I have you serve? What privileges could you look forward to? And what punishments might you receive? Buy this & I'll tell you.