SpoiledBianca - Bosses Little Foot Bitch

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    Custom Clip - You're my boss and you're calling me into your office for a review. You've had a long day and have already switched to the more comfortable flats. You're looking at my review and I walk in, you immediately begin dangling your flat to your toes with your leg crossed showing off your leg and thigh. You glance up at me and tell me to have a seat. You notice that my eyes can't keep off your dangling foot. You tell me that my review isn't that good and I will need to do a lot to improve and keep my job. You drop your flat to the floor and rub your foot/feet saying how tired and achy they are. you even show off your dirty soles and say that walking in the office barefoot all day is comfortable and tell me how I like it because I can see you have an erection. You stand up and begin tell me what I need to do to keep my job. While you're standing you start sliding your feet in and out of your flats for the next 7-9 minutes; switching up between feet. You'll lift up your leg and drop your flat to the floor, rub your foot up your leg and twirl your flats around. You glance back at me telling me I will worship your dirty, smelly feet, how I will lick them clean daily. I will rub your feet and if I'm lucky, I might even get a footjob with those dirty feet. You tell me this will start immediately and you sit down and dangle your shoe from your foot as the camera fades

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