First Time Foot Smellers - New Employee Foot Bitch (mp4)

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    Dixie and Candle are in the office having a meeting about the new freaky employee, Taylor. They want to fuck with her a little bit- maybe they should put her through a little initiation? Oh yea, perfect! She'll be the new office foot bitch! They call her in and first criticize her about her slutty office attire. She apologizes and tries to cover herself but that's not why she's in their office... they tell her to go over by the sofa and lay on the ground. Tay is hesitant but she REALLY is excited about her new job and will do ANYTHING to make her coworkers and bosses happy. She does as she's told and Candle slips off her heal and shoves it over Tay's face, and she doesn't just lightly breeze it over her face either- she jams it up against her face, suffocating her nose and mouth with her foot stench! Dixie's next. She's wearing her slipper shoes with no socks or stockings which make them even stinkier as her feet get super sweaty in them! Tay can hardly breathe but toughs through it... then they smother her face with their stockings and bare feet! Wow, the smell is SO strong! They put their toes up her nose and rub them all over her face. Tay's little nose is even red from them abusing her face with their stinky feet! After a few minutes Tay starts to be able to handle it, maybe even beginning to enjoy it. The girls bring her onto the sofa and shove their feet back into her face- forming a foot tent over her nose. Tay is actually liking this. She'll do ANYTHING for her new job. She really needs the money and if this is what they want her to do, well then she'll do it daily, with a smile. :) The girls find out that Tay actually has a hidden foot fetish. What a freak! At least they will have some fun with this new employee. Some good ole foot fun!

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