Barefoot Urban Girls - CHAT NOIR on the BF road to Hessen 3

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Cover 2 CHAT NOIR on the BF road to Hessen 3 - SD/WMVCover 3 CHAT NOIR on the BF road to Hessen 3 - SD/WMVCover 4 CHAT NOIR on the BF road to Hessen 3 - SD/WMVScreenlist CHAT NOIR on the BF road to Hessen 3 - SD/WMV
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    Released on 08-18-2018. The third and final video of today's special "Barefoot Lifestyle" update, entirely dedicated to the BAREFOOT URBAN GIRLS EUROPEAN TOUR 2018, was filmed in the Central Railway Station of Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Wonderful CHAT NOIR has travelled barefooted & dirty-soled with The Feetosopher all the way from Verona (Italy), via Milan, Simplon & Lotschberg tunnels across the Swiss Alps and then on through Bern, Basel, Karlsruhe and Mannheim.. a 12-hour daylight train trip! In this video CHAT NOIR enjoys a cigarette break just after getting off Eurocity Train n. 52, relaxes on a bench showing off her luscious legs and DIRTY SOLES, and waits on a very crowded platform for Intercity Train n. 2397, which will lead her to Darmstadt, a beautiful city in the Hessen region of Germany, final destination of her journey! The funniest things in this video are the super-puzzled faces of travellers of all ages and nationalities and of German State Railways personnel.. staring at CHAT NOIR, at her bare dirty feet and.. at The Feetosopher filming! :D What will gorgeous CHAT NOIR do next in this exciting 6 days barefoot vacation? You will discover it in future updates from this series at BAREFOOT URBAN GIRLS.. STAY TUNED! ;-) 1080x600 (16:9 widescreen HD), bit rate 8Mbps, 30 frames per second! Duration over 4'30''.

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