Barefoot Nudity - CHAT NOIR: making of

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    Dear subscribers! First and foremost, let me wish you a wonderful 2014, full of BAREFOOT NUDITY! :-) To begin the year in the right way, I am pleased to release this EXCLUSIVE VIDEO-DOCUMENTARY.. a "making of" video of a barefoot flashing session by CHAT NOIR, held in October 2011 in Verona (Italy). The video was made by The Feetosopher's longtime friend Claviclosopher, who was shooting from the opposite bank of Adige river. You get to see The Feetosopher in action with his assistant KEA (who is also a top model of BAREFOOT URBAN GIRLS and Toes-In-Action websites) and gorgeous CHAT NOIR. Do pay attention to how urban life goes on all around.. NOBODY NOTICES THE TRIO! Soundtrack by the one and only prog-rock footfetish band on the planet: KISSYFOOT! Duration: 4 min. 720 x 400 (16:9 widescreen) format. Posted: 01-01-2014