Barefoot Nudity - CHAT NOIR: Barefoot Car Erotica 01

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    This week you can enjoy our ace barefoot exhibitionist CHAT NOIR in the first experimental "Barefoot Car Erotica" video session, which cast the grounds for this popular series of BAREFOOT NUDITY photosets and videos. The session took place on motorway A31 between Vicenza and Piovene Rocchette (Italy). In the first part of the clip, CHAT NOIR drives barefooted and exposes her pussy and her perky titties while driving! In the second part, a friend of CHAT NOIR's drives the car, and CHAT NOIR delivers bold & explicit backseat erotica! You will go crazy when The Feetosopher's lens zooms on CHAT NOIR's big & sexy size 41EU/10US feet.. with her spreading her long toes, and stretching the lips of her shaven pussy to the max for you to see inside! 720x400 (16:9 widescreen format), duration 7'30''. Posted: 11-22-2014