Abby Gina Wells - Sister Helps with Foot Fetish

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    Oh hi, brother. Still up? I just got back from my date. It was alright but not that great. I can't really find someone that I like. What kind of girls do you like? What are you into? Ohh feet? I've heard of foot fetishes. I've never met someone with one though'. Does that mean you like it when I pull my shoe off and dangle it from my foot like this'. Why don't we try something? It will help me feel better after my disappointing date, and it's not bad or anything since it's just my feet. It's not like I'm getting naked or anything! Tell me what you want me to do with my feet and I'll do it. Sure, I'll describe my feet to you. They are mostly narrow except at the ball of the foot. They are pretty soft because of how I eat. I almost always have my toenails painted. Oops, those are my panties! Do you want me to get on all fours so you can see my feet from behind? Or see them up-close? Sure, I can point my feet at you and wiggle the toes while you jerk off on them. That will make me feel much better, and it seems to be helping you, too! Cum on my feet, brother! Features: foot fetish, sister, brother sister fantasy, taboo, brothersister, family, brother sister roleplay, horny sister, velvet dress, short dress, purse, POV, masturbation encouragement, feet, legs, toenail polish, abby gina wells