Abby Gina Wells - Overworked Nurse's Feet

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    Custom clip: "I love your stuff and I had an idea for a custom clip that hopefully you would be willing to make! It is a little different from what you usually do, so if it's too far out there, no worries. In this you would be an overworked nurse working four full time jobs trying to make money for your boy friend. The clip would start with you coming home after a 160 hour shift. You are exhausted and your feet are hurting you, but you are in good spirits and smiling. You laugh to yourself about working so much. You try to count how many shift you just worked, and talk about how it must have been like six days straight. Close up on your feet, you slip out of your shoes with a moan while standing, and we get a good look at your socked feet. Standing there, you also massage each foot a little bit like it's hurting very bad. You chuckle and say that you guess you tootsies are a little tired from the week and how it might be nice to sit down for just a second. You kinda hobble slowly and wearily like it hurts with each step over to your bed and sit down. As you sit down, you let out a very long drawn out moan like it's the first time you've sat down in days and laugh. You very, very slowly bend your legs back and forth out in front of you to stretch them while groaning and massaging them chuckling about how nice it is to sit and stretch them. You then take your socks off, which reek after a week of non-stop use, and gently massage your feet. You talk about how they have been a couple of troopers the past few months. You talk about how you must be walking 80 miles a day on them now. You then lay back for a second and immediately fall into a deep rest, and you even snore loudly because you are so tired. We get a good look at the soles of your feet. Then after a few seconds you are shocked awake. Your boy friend wakes you and is asking why you are resting. Quickly greet him and pull your legs in to sit cross legged on the bed. You laugh and say, "I'm sorry about that honey! I just laid back for a second! I don't know what came over me! Resting?! Why would I rest when I could be working?! I'm only working 160 hours a week right now anyway! I get 8 entire hours off every week! Holy cow I feel lazying just saying that!" You then say, "Get this!" and stretch your feet out in front of you toward the camera. You point to them, laugh a little and say, "These are the laziest two feet I've ever seen! I was only on these two feet for like 100 something hours before they wanted a break for some reason! And they're practically screaming at me now! It's hilarious! 'Oh we're tired!' 'Please sit down!' Come on you two! Can I trade my lazy feet for yours, because this is ridiculous! I mean seriously, you two need to shape up because I have a lot of walking to do this week! Anyway I'll go fix us some dinner now and I better get this house cleaned up too! It is a wreck!"With that, you slap your feet a couple times and jump back up on them while saying, "Come on you two! Wake up! Lets get back to work!" And you hobble on your aching feet to go cook. Then you cut and say 8 hours later, and you come back in. You walk back in and look at the time. You say that you can't believe you finished so early, and that you even have a little bit to lay back and rest before you have to head back to work! You lay back and shut your eyes. Then after a few seconds, your alarm goes off. You excitedly get up and get ready to tackle another marathon shift. You sniff your sock and gag a little, but you say that it's only been two months, and that they should be good for another week! You then put your socks and shoes back on, stand up with a long groan, and head out the door to work. That is where the clip would end. That's about it! I'd love for you to wear those running shoes you wore in the clip, "Sex After Workout", but if you don't have these anymore, some other running shoes would be okay too. I would also love it if you would put on some very, very dark eye shadow and makeup around your eyes to make it look like you haven't slept really at all in months, and I'd like it if your hair could be messed up too like you've just worked a week straight. That would be amazing! Other than that, I would like it if you could fade to black and have text saying "8 hours later" in the part where you go to cook and clean as well. And, that's it! Don't be afraid to over animate the moans and groans, especially with the sitting/standing transitions.I would like it to be fairly short (about 7-8 minutes), but a little over would be okay too. Just let me know if you are willing to make it and about how much it would cost. Customer feedback: "Thank you so much! That clip was awesome!" Features: foot fetish, socks, dirty socks, scrubs, nurse play, smelly socks, nurse fantasy, overworked feet, tire