Young Goddess Kim - The Stiletto Supremacy

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    Goddess Kim reclines Supreme in all shiny silver, bare shapely legs and patent stilettos. She has high expectations of the shoe shine slave that She summons over to the end of Her feet, ordering the servant to bow to Her before greeting with a kiss on Her soles. The slave's sole purpose has been established and defined, Goddess Kim puts it to use right away. Goddess is very specific in how She expects the slave to perform it's duties and worship Her stilettos and ensures it continues to please Her, reminding it of it's reason of existence. Now, nothing more than a slave-robot obeying each order commanded without a thought of it's own, Goddess has decided to use it's service to Her full advantage. She humiliatingly takes photos of the tongue rag as well as in service to show Her Lady friends, whom She will be offering the shoe slave out to. As a small token of it's appreciation and absolute devotion, it lays flat as a carpet below Her Supreme stilettos, repeating the mantra Goddess has blessed it with, and receives Her cruel cock stiffening tease with one as it continues very eagerly worshiping the other. Includes: Shoe Worship, Female Domination, Female Supremacy, Goddess Worship, Shiny Clothing, Stilettos Fetish, Legs Fetish, Humiliation, Cock Tease, Tease, Denial, Sole Licking, Femdom