Young Goddess Kim - Coffee with Goddess Kim

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    As a natural, Supreme Goddess, males are mere willing servants ready to worship and serve as I command. This house slave is always at My beck and call, I ring the slave bell and he presents himself immediately at My attention, naked and masked. I command it to kneel as I use it as My footstool, stepping on its back to sit above him. Slightly annoyed that My morning coffee isn't ready waiting for Me I order slave to fetch it at once. I am getting ready to go out for the day while slave will fulfill his duty by scrubbing My floors and cleaning the apartment. For now, he has the honour of being My footrest while I drink My coffee and touch up My lipstick. I haven't time to finish My coffee so I generously give the left over to slave to lap up out a **** off the floor. Humiliating house slave amuses Me. Ofcourse, slave is extremely grateful for this rare gift. Before I leave, I order him to lick My stiletto sandals, worshipping My feet and cleaning My soles. I allow the lucky slave to kiss My fishnet clad feet and toes. A pathetic and eager worshipper, as it should be. Real Life Female Supremacy