Goddess Kyaa - Coffee Service POV

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    Kneeling, you serve me my coffee and are honored to be allowed to worship my feet as I relax in the morning. My toes are bathed in sunlight as I sip my coffee and ignore you, laughing at you and telling you to wipe the drool from your chin as you become entranced. It's easy for you to become distracted by my beauty, but I snap my fingers and make you focus on my bare feet. I train you to worship and crave my feet, letting you sniff my soft soles and sexy toes. This is how weak minions become obedient slaves. My beautiful feet will make you weak and stupid, eager to obey my every command. (1920x1080p HD wmv - Shot on my Canon XA20 Professional Camcorder in stunning 1080p with crisp, clear stereo audio.) Contains: foot domination, bare feet, foot fetish, slave training, POV, femdom, female domination, toes, face smother, humiliation, domination, service submission, legs, tease, Goddess Kyaa

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