Young Goddess Kim - Goddess Kim's make-up chair

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    Goddess Kim is getting ready for a Halloween event. She is looking gorgeous and wicked in tight wet look leggings, lace shirt and patent ankle boots. Now all She needs to do is Her make-up for the evening. She rings the slave bell and the pathetic slave crawls naked at Her attention. Goddess objectifies slave and uses it as Her chair. She sits on its face with Her perfect round and suffocating butt. She is cruel and taunting but to be below Goddess in this position, even though suffering and struggling, to be used as a chair for Goddess is a high and coveted honour. She teases slave and bounces on its face, humiliating and degrading the lowly servant. The chair must be very still, trying not to struggle for air in order for Goddess to apply Her perfect bl00.d red lipstick. Once Goddess is ready to leave She takes slave to the front door as it kisses the ground She walks on. Goddess commands that it lick Her boots shiny and wait at the door without moving until Her return where She will use it again to lick Her boots clean from the event.